DeveloperBox is a certified 96boards Enterprise Edition board. The board/SoC has: -

  • Socionext SC2A11 24-cores ARM Cortex-A53 on tbe Mini-ATX form factor motherboard

  • 4 DIMM slots (4GB DDR4-2400 UDIMM shipped by default)

  • 1 4xPCIe Gen2 slot and 2 1xPCIe Gen2 slots (1x slots are connected via PCIe bridge chip)

  • 4 USB-3.0 ports

  • 2 SATA ports

  • 1 GbE network port

  • 1 USB-UART serial port (micro USB)

  • 64MB SPI NOR Flash

  • 8GB eMMC Flash Storage

  • 96boards LS connector

The DeveloperBox schematic can be found here: -

And the other documents can be found here: -

Currently, the U-Boot port supports: -

  • USB

  • eMMC


  • SATA

  • GbE

The DeveloperBox boots the TF-A and EDK2 as a main bootloader by default. The DeveloperBox U-Boot port will replace the EDK2 and boot from TF-A as BL33, but no need to combine with it.

Compile from source

You can build U-Boot without any additinal source code.:

cd u-boot
export ARCH=arm64
export CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-
make SynQuacer_defconfig
make -j `noproc`

Then, expand the binary to 1MB for preparing flash.:

cp u-boot.bin SPI_NOR_UBOOT.fd
truncate -s 1M SPI_NOR_UBOOT.fd


You can install the SNI_NOR_UBOOT.fd via NOR flash writer.

Flashing the U-Boot image on DeveloperBox requires a 96boards UART mezzanine or other mezzanine which can connect to LS-UART0 port. Connect USB cable from host to the LS-UART0 and set DSW2-7 to ON, and turn the board on again. The flash writer program will be started automatically; don’t forget to turn the DSW2-7 off again after flashing.

!!CAUTION!! If you failed to write the U-Boot image on wrong address, the board can be bricked. See below page if you need to recover the bricked board. See the following page for more detail

When the serial flasher is running correctly is will show the following boot messages shown via LS-UART0:

/*  SC2A11 "SynQuacer" series Flash writer  */
/*                                          */
/*  Version: cd254ac                        */
/*  Build: 12/15/17 11:25:45                */

Command Input >

Once the flasher tool is running we are ready flash the UEFI image:

flash rawwrite 200000 100000
>> Send SPI_NOR_UBOOT.fd via XMODEM (Control-A S in minicom) <<

!!NOTE!! The flasher command parameter is different from the command for board recovery. U-Boot uses the offset 200000 (2-five-0, 2M in hex) and the size 100000 (1-five-0, 1M in hex).

After transferring the SPI_NOR_UBOOT.fd, turn off the DSW2-7 and reset the board.