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This document describes the information about Xilinx Zynq U-Boot - like supported boards, ML status and TODO list.

Zynq boards

Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs enable extensive system level differentiation, integration, and flexibility through hardware, software, and I/O programmability.

  • zc702 (single qspi, gem0, mmc) [1]
  • zc706 (dual parallel qspi, gem0, mmc) [2]
  • zed (single qspi, gem0, mmc) [3]
  • microzed (single qspi, gem0, mmc) [4]
  • zc770
    • zc770-xm010 (single qspi, gem0, mmc)
    • zc770-xm011 (8 or 16 bit nand)
    • zc770-xm012 (nor)
    • zc770-xm013 (dual parallel qspi, gem1)


configure and build for zc702 board:

$ export DEVICE_TREE=zynq-zc702
$ make xilinx_zynq_virt_defconfig
$ make


Zynq has a facility to read the bootmode from the slcr bootmode register once user is setting through jumpers on the board - see page no:1546 on [5]

All possible bootmode values are defined in Table 6-2:Boot_Mode MIO Pins on [5].

board_late_init() will read the bootmode values using slcr bootmode register at runtime and assign the modeboot variable to specific bootmode string which is intern used in autoboot.

SLCR bootmode register Bit[3:0] values

#define ZYNQ_BM_NOR          0x02
#define ZYNQ_BM_SD           0x05
#define ZYNQ_BM_JTAG         0x0

“modeboot” variable can assign any of “norboot”, “sdboot” or “jtagboot” bootmode strings at runtime.


SD Card

To write an image that boots from a SD card first create a FAT32 partition and a FAT32 filesystem on the SD card:

sudo fdisk /dev/sdx
sudo mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdx1

Mount the SD card and copy the SPL and U-Boot to the root directory of the SD card:

sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdx1 /mnt
sudo cp spl/boot.bin /mnt
sudo cp u-boot.img /mnt

Mainline status

  • Added basic board configurations support.
  • Added zynq u-boot bsp code - arch/arm/mach-zynq
  • Added zynq boards named - zc70x, zed, microzed, zc770_xm010/xm011/xm012/xm013
  • Added zynq drivers:
  • Done proper cleanups on board configurations
  • Added basic FDT support for zynq boards
  • d-cache support for zynq_gem.c