button command


button list
button <name>


The button command is used to retrieve the status of a button. To show the status of a button with name ‘button1’ you would issue the command

button button1

The status of the button is both written to the console as ON or OFF and set in the return value variable $? as 0 (true) or 1 (false). To retrieve the status of a button with name button1 and to write it to environment variable status1 you would execute the commands

button button1
setenv status1 $?

A list of all available buttons and their status can be displayed using

button list

If a button device has not been probed yet, its status will be shown as <inactive> in the list.


To use the button command you must specify CONFIG_CMD_BUTTON=y and enable a button driver. The available buttons are defined in the device-tree.

Return value

The variable $? takes the following values

0 ON, the button is pressed
1 OFF, the button is released
0 button list was shown
1 button not found
1 invalid arguments